The Mike Walker Gossip Game: December 17, 2009

Mike WalkerMike WalkerPhoto: The Howard Stern Show

As he does every Thursday, Howard got Mike Walker from The National Enquirer on the line to play 'The Gossip Game,' in which Mike reads four gossip items – three (allegedly) true, one false – and the crew has to pick the fake.

This week's stories:

1. Paris Hilton interrupted 'Twilight' producers mid-meal to ask for an audition to appear in the sequel .

2. Miley Cyrus is trying to talk Taylor Swift into getting matching guitar tattoos.

3. 'Twilight' star Taylor Lautner fell down while trying to carry his bike up a flight of stairs.

4. Howie Mandel gave an aggressive hobo $42 but refused to shake his hand – offering a fist-bump instead.

Everyone singled out the last item, as they couldn't believe the hyper-germaphobe like Howie would willingly consent to a fist bump from a homeless guy, although Fred went with the Miley Cyrus story to be different. Mike then reported that everyone was wrong – he'd double-checked the Howie item – the Taylor Lautner story was bogus.