Jason and Artie Debate Fatherhood

Howard again speculated that Jason would not be a great father: "He sits around all day and smokes weed and does nothing with his life. He's not father material." Jason came in to say he now planned to have a kid: "Just to prove you wrong...I'd be a decent father, but I have a real fear of having a son and not being able to teach him how to be a real man."

Howard joked that the kid would be better off in an orphanage: "Octomom is a better candidate." [Howard later told Jason he was just breaking his balls and thought that Jason really could be a good parent.]

While they were on the subject, Artie confessed that he had a pregnancy scare a while ago - with a stripper: "And this broad is looney tunes...I was like, even after the kid is born, we might consider killing it." Artie laughed that the kid turned out not to be his: "I was one of eight candidates."