Reflections on Super Bowl XLIII

Bruce Springsteen performs during halftime of the NFL Super Bowl XLIII football game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009, in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)Photo: AP

Howard started off the show complaining about the number of commercials, merchandise plugs and cross promotions during Sunday's Super Bowl: "It's enough with your name on stuff and asking me to wear it. NBC could have been a hero and cut out the 3D Chuck promos." Howard also thanked Bruce Springsteen for saving the Halftime Show: "I actually wanted him to keep going."

Artie Wins Big

Artie reported that he won big on the game, as he had the Steelers in the under: "So I did a teaser - what they call a two-team teaser - and my guy let me move it four points." Since there was only one game, Artie got to move the line for both teams. He moved the under up to 50.5 points (the game's score ended up combining for 50 points) and the spread down to 2.5 points. Artie said the gamble paid off big.

... But Then Pulled a 'Star Move'

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Gary came in to complain that Artie spilled Hi-C all over the console on Thursday, and when told about it, made no attempt to help mop up: "You didn't look for a paper towel or make any attempt to clean up." Artie was confused: "Honestly I didn't think it was that big of a spill...I'm sorry, Gare." Howard told Artie he had to get his attitude in check: "That's a star move...I would never leave until it was cleaned up. I'm that kinda guy." Artie then confirmed Howard's "star move" theory when he told Gary that he should've let an intern clean up the mess. Before Howard could gloat, Gary said he was just as bad: "You leave the toothpicks all over the place." Howard admitted that his toothpicks sometimes roll away from him when he's pushing papers around, but it was never intentional: "I don't say, 'I'm gonna leave a toothpick there.'" Gary shrugged that he usually finds one or two a week - but a toothpick is not a massive juice spill.