Johnny Knoxville on Getting Steve-O to Rehab, His Divorce, and a Torn Urethra

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Johnny Knoxville stopped by to promote his new MTV show, "Nitro Circus," and Howard told him he looked good - much better than the last time he came in (right after "Jackass 2" had wrapped).

Howard asked how Steve-O was doing, so Johnny said: "Fine! He's been clean and sober since after we had him in 51-50'd...he's done amazing." Johnny told the crew that toward the end, Steve-O was doing a whole laundry list (including hundreds of Whip-it canisters) of drugs every day. Johnny added that he had an easier time getting Steve-O into rehab than he thought the show would with Artie: "You better have some big dudes with you." Howard asked how Johnny had succeeded in getting Steve to rehab, so he explained that a bunch of Steve's friends decided to help - the last straw was Steve threatening to jump a mini-motorcycle from his apartment window onto the roof next door: "We got 7 or 8 or 9 big guys...I took the camera from him and said, 'You're going and we're taking you.'"

Now that Johnny's divorced, Howard finally got him to comment on all the celebrity women he'd been photographed with during his marriage: "I never got so far out of control...but I hurt a lot of people, honestly." Johnny said he'd since met a new girl and hardly ever leaves her side.

Howard asked what Johnny did to his wedding ring tattoo, so Johnny held up his finger, confessing: "I got it lasered." Johnny denied ever hooking up with Kate Moss: "No. I knew Kate...I know Kate. She's very nice, but, uh..." A caller disputed Johnny's account, saying he was actually in rehab with Kate when Johnny came to visit, so Johnny admitted: "I did visit her. Yeah. Uh..." Howard mentioned Lindsay Lohan as well, but Johnny claimed he'd never banged her either - they're just victims of media speculation: "I don't think that puts me in any, uh, in any exclusive club anyway."

Johnny told the crew about how he tore his urethra during a stunt, explaining how he has to flush it twice daily by sticking a tube into his penis - all the way up to his bladder (only 10 – 11 inches). Johnny claimed the process prevented scar tissue from constricting: "In the beginning it was [difficult]'s not that bad anymore. I've gotten used to something horrible." Howard was appropriately shocked, and Johnny sympathized: "It's not cool...I'm just like, "Ok, this is a consequence.'" Johnny added that breaking his arm or leg never phased him, but breaking his penis got his attention.