Jerry Lewis' Children Visit

Howard welcomed Suzan and Gary Lewis - Jerry Lewis' children - and said Suzan looked just like Jerry, even though it was only recently confirmed (via a DNA test she and Gary took) that she was his daughter. Gary told the crew he hadn't spoken to Jerry since last Father's Day: "Things are always cool as long as I realize I gotta stop trying to figure out how my dad thinks." Gary added that his childhood wasn't easy: "He was always in total control of every situation. We were never allowed to show any emotion but happiness."

Suzan said it had also been a long road for her: "My mother looked like Lana Turner and I looked like 'Stomach Turner.' I was like, 'What is this face? Where did it come from?'...Now I realize, that's why [Jerry] was always on [the family TV] growing up." Howard asked if either of them expected to inherit any of Jerry's wealth: "'Cause I don't think he's putting you in." Gary claimed he'd never asked for anything - Suzan stayed silent.

Suzan told the crew about the time she met with Jerry in a Paris hotel room: "I saw he knew who I was...I said, 'I'm your daughter.'" According to Suzan, Jerry claimed he didn't remember Suzan's mother. After Suzan burst into tears, Jerry ended up spending the day with Suzan anyway, even calling Suzan's mother to talk: "He was hugging me and everything. I had the perfect father for one day." When she left, Jerry told her to call him the next day.