Will Murray's MMF Threesome Experience

Howard asked Will to explain a story he'd told on one of last week's Wrap-Up Shows about a two-guys-and-one-girl threesome experience he'd had. Will said it happened in high school: "We were both drunk at a party. I didn't even think she'd be down for it - we just thought it was kinda funny...it does sound kinda gay now."

Will said his friend fingered the girl while he was getting a blowjob: "We were laughing at it. It was funny." Sal then came in to tell one of his own, about running a train on some girl with some buddies: "She was a little chubby. She had on those pregnancy type pants with the elastic on them." After the girl left, three cop cars rolled up and arrested Sal and his two buddies for allegedly raping the girl.

Sal explained that she accused them of raping her when she was embarrassed - but later confessed that the train was consensual.