The Mike Walker Gossip Game: March 5, 2009

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Howard got Mike Walker from The National Enquirer on the line, as he does every Thursday, to play The Gossip Game, in which he reads four gossip items - three (allegedly) true, one false - and the crew has to pick the fake.

After a quick hello, Mike read this week's stories:

1. Jennifer Lopez doesn't allow Marc Anthony to smoke.

2. Mickey Rourke tried to save a small dog from a bigger one in Malibu - and was attacked by both.

3. New "American Idol" judge Kara won't be around next season because she doesn't get along with Simon.

4. Ted Turner is missing 100 chickens.

Howard, Fred, George and Artie all went with the Mickey Rourke story, and Robin went with the "American Idol" item. Mike then announced that he'd fooled everyone - Ted Turner's chickens are all safe and sound.