Is Jamie Foxx the Black Howard Stern?

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show taking issue with actor/comedian Jamie Foxx. Howard noted that Jamie went on The Tonight Show last week to apologize for some statements he'd made about Miley Cyrus - and claimed he was just joking around like Howard might: "I'm the Black Howard Stern." Howard was miffed: "It was really weird to me because then it morphs into what Howard Stern said." Artie thought Howard should be flattered that an Academy Award-winner chose to make the comparison, but Robin didn't think so: "[Howard] would never say those things about a 16-year-old girl." Howard agreed: "I wouldn't talk about Miley Cyrus the same way. I like Jamie - he's a good guy, but I hate being dragged into these controversies...just leave me out of it. I got enough can't be the black Howard Stern until I appoint you."