Lisa Rinna Took a Pole-Dancing Class with Cindy Crawford

Lisa Rinna called in to promote her nude spread in next month's Playboy, and Howard told her she looked smoking hot: "But your lips are still big. I think you stopped listening to me on that." Lisa claimed the cortisone in her lips was starting to dissipate and she hadn't had any new injections.

Howard then asked how Lisa held her marriage together, so Lisa thanked her blowjob tutor for keeping her husband Harry happy: "It changed his life and rocked his world." Lisa told the crew she was happy she got fired from her red carpet hosting duties: "To be honest with you, I didn't like that job...I hated it."

After a while, Howard got distracted and began asking Lisa what she was wearing: "Take off your bottoms. Take 'em off and touch yourself." Lisa balked but made up for it with a story about taking a pole-dancing class with Cindy Crawford: "We gave each other lapdances."