Artie is Sick ... Maybe

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard started off the show noting that, while Benjy was on time, Artie wouldn't be in today: "Artie's out sick again...Artie's a headcase." Howard added, "There's going to be a breaking point, but this doesn't bother me."

Howard wondered if Artie should be seeing a therapist more than once a week, and Fred agreed: "I don't think he's back in the clutches of heroin, but I think he's boozing still...he's lying. In his mind, he's convinced himself it's the truth, but it's a lie."

Howard also didn't think Artie's therapist was the kind of therapist that would let someone like Artie get away with just one visit a week, adding more doubt to his claims. Robin was more succinct: "It's all bullshit!"