Artie is Off the Subutex

First thing this morning, Artie announced that he had quit Subutex over the weekend: "I haven't had a Subutex in five days...I feel really good." Artie added that it was easier to kick than he thought: "But the one thing I haven't given up is gambling."

Artie then went over his Final Four bets: he bet on UConn to beat Michigan State and lost, but he had also bet on the over, which helped reduce his loss by about half. Artie said a trustworthy friend told him that North Carolina was a lock to beat Villanova, so he laid twice as much on NC and won easy: "Almost too easy...I'm up a lot." Artie thought he'd let it all ride on tonight's championship game. He could win and end up with some decent winnings - or lose it all, but only have to pay a few hundred for the vig.