Mary McCormack Masturbates All The Time

Howard's "Private Parts" wife, Mary McCormack, called in to promote the second season of "In Plain Sight" and told the crew that the show's shooting schedule was interfering with her family life - she and the kids are in New Mexico seven months out of the year during shooting, and her husband, who works in LA, only sees them on the weekends or via the Internet: "The little one points at my computer and says, 'Daddy! Daddy!'"

Howard asked if Mary still had her hot nanny, and Mary confirmed it: "Yeah, I're terrible." Howard wondered how Mary found time to masturbate, so she explained that she just had to go for it at a moment's notice: "Without passing go. I just masturbate all the time." Ronnie then came in to tell Mary that her character's hot sister shouldn't be dressed down anymore: "Tell 'em to bring back the hot outfits."