The Mike Walker Gossip Game: April 9, 2009

Howard got Mike Walker from The National Enquirer on the line, as he does every Thursday, to play The Gossip Game, in which Mike reads four gossip items - three (allegedly) true, one false - and the crew has to guess the fake.

1. Doris Roberts tried to cut line at Costco.

2. Donald Trump charged 15 schoolkids a dollar each to shout his "You're Fired!" catchphrase at their teacher - and then used the money to buy them all hotdogs.

3. Courtney Cox tipped a valet a single dollar.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio has made preparations to be buried in a coral reef.

Howard, Robin and Artie all thought the Courtney Cox item was suspicious, and Fred went with the Donald Trump item, speculating that the Donald was too germaphobic to handle cash. Mike then announced that no one had won - the Leo item was fake.