Eric the Midget Takes on Jillian Barberie and a Hernia

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Eric the Midget called in to say he didn't like Jillian Barberie: "F' her! She's a stupid c--t. No one cares about her dumb ass." Eric got personal: "Some should give her a quarter to go to a pet shop and have that thing on her face chewed off by a rat." Artie was impressed with the insult: "Good one." Howard asked after Eric's recent hernia diagnosis, so Eric explained: "I'm sure after whatever-it-is is figured out and gets repaired, I'll be fine. I've lost 30 pounds because of it but that doesn't worry me. It worries my friends and family but I welcome the weight loss." Howard was surprised to learn that Eric weighed more than 30 pounds in the first place but was concerned when Eric explained that normally weighs around 80 pounds – meaning he was now down to a mere 50lbs!