Jason Ellis Says He's the Future of Radio

Pro skateboarder-turned-Sirius XM radio host Jason Ellis stopped by to promote his show on Faction(weekdays at 3 - 7pm ET on Sirius channel 28 and XM 52)and claimed he never got into skateboarding for the money: "I just said,'One day I'll be a pro skateboarder.'" Jason said he had a huge crush on Robin, but never called her because he was afraid their love might interfere with his self-proclaimed status as "the future of radio...people would think I just want to f' Howard and not her." Jason asked Howard to pass the flame and Howard thought he just might: "I'm ready to pass it." Jason also told the crew he used to be a vert skater - a "dying breed," as most kids are strictly devoted to street skating these days - once accidentally made out with an Asian transvestite and was molested as a kid: "I was like 4. My mom's babysitter made me blow him...when I watched Oprah, I was like,'Wow. I'm so glad nobody f'ed me when I was a kid.' Turns out he did."

He Only Marries Strippers

Jason laughed that both his first and second wives were strippers, and though he doesn't have an issue with his current wife giving lapdances, he did before: "The other one? The first one? That would bother me because if she'd had a couple drinks, she'd end up blowing the guy." Jason added: "She used to beat me up! [Then] she flipped out and beat me up again so I left."

On Using Heroin, Having Sex with Chyna

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Jason Ellis told Artie that he also turned to heroin for a while and learned his lesson: "I was a trainwreck...I was always wasted all the time."

He hit rock-bottom much later, however - when he had sex with Chyna: "There was an innocence...she's so scarred, I wanted to be with her...Then I tried to get her off me and she's really big up top. I mean, she's got big tits but she's jacked...She called me for two months afterwards. And I did give it to her good."