Ralph Cirella Claims Sandra Bernhard Was Lying About Threesome

September 14, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard said Ralph called him after Sandra Bernhard’s interview last week in which she described the threesome she and her girlfriend had with Ralph a few months ago and denied the whole thing. Howard said Ralph wasn’t sure he should tell Howard the truth, saying: “Howard, It never happened. Maybe you don’t want me to tell you that.” Howard laughed: “But I was like, ‘That makes it even more intriguing.'” Howard said Ralph went on to say it “absolutely never happened” and even went so far as to deny specific sex acts: “I’ve never eaten out Sandra.”

Howard said Sandra’s made-up story was “genius” and Ralph called in to admit he was still confused: “I was dumbfounded.” Howard asked if anything like Sandra’s story almost happened, but Ralph had to be honest: “Not even close…I would’ve told you.” Ralph did speculate that Sandra and her girlfriend probably did have a threesome as she described it – only she threw Ralph’s name in there either to make it a better story or to avoid having to be questioned about the threesome’s male participant.