Comedian Mitch Fatel Was a Stern Show Intern

Comedian, Mitch Fatel stopped by to promote his new Comedy Central stand-up special and noted that he was an intern for the show almost 20 years ago. Howard read that Mitch felt that Gary had discouraged his dreams of becoming a comedian, telling him: "Don't quit your day job." Mitch laughed: "That stuck with me for so many years...I was very sensitive."

Gary claimed he was just breaking balls, and Mitch admitted: "I was kind of a pussy back then." Mitch noted that Gary wasn't the only one to doubt him – the guy who used to run the Aspen Comedy Festival barred him from the festival for 10 years, telling Mitch's manager that he "didn't get" Mitch: "I finally went the year after he left and won 'Best Comedian' and that was redemption for me."

Comedy Pays in the Bedroom

Mitch said he'd done so well in comedy, he'd managed to get himself a hot Asian girlfriend: "I [sometimes] forget that she's only with me because I'm only in show business...she swallowed on the first date and then never swallowed again." Howard sympathized: "Beth did certain things at the beginning of our relationship that I've never seen again."

Mitch complained that he sometimes has a hard time keeping up with her: "We had a fight because she says I don't have enough sex with her...she can have orgasms one after another after another." Mitch also told the crew about having a threesome with a pair of beautiful fans who began fighting over him in the middle of it: "They're both crying...and I still have to finish so I'm like, do I jerk off on them?"

Mitch on April Macie

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard noted that Mitch also dated April Macie, who recently won the show's Hottest Comedian contest, so Mitch explained: "It was a one-nighter and then I made the mistake." Mitch invited her to stay with him while she was looking for a new apartment – and she just moved in: "I just didn't want to date a comedian because they're crazy. April couldn't be as funny as she is without being nuts." Mitch laughed that April was insanely jealous: "She was obsessed with the idea I was cheating. I was." Howard also told Mitch that April claimed he had a big cock, but Mitch thought it was just relative, as he's only 5' 5", so his average package must look bigger than it really is.