JD Harmeyer Cancels Ronnie Mund's Radio Show

Howard decided the decision of whether or not to cancel Ronnie "the Limo Driver" Mund's radio show should be solely up to Stern Show staffer JD Harmeyer. At first, JD waffled and then caved to Ronnie's pressure, letting the show remain on the air. However, later in the morning, after Howard accused JD of being weak, JD changed his mind.

"Yes. Cancel it ... I'm sorry, Ronnie. Show's cancelled," JD said.

Ronnie was irate, screaming, "He can go F' himself. I'll never speak to him again ... you're just a jealous bastard because you never had your own show."

JD laughed that he could have a show anytime he wanted, he just doesn't have any good ideas for one. Ronnie continued to rant: "He wants to be an asshole? That's fine ... what do you know about Howard's listeners?"

Ronnie tried to dismiss JD by diminishing the work he does for the show. "Do your job. Look at your television screen," Ronnie remarked. But JD just laughed it off the insult.