April Macie is Wild

September 24, 2009
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Comedienne April Macie stopped by to dispute some stories fellow comedian (and ex-boyfriend) Mitch Fatel had recently told the show about their relationship. Howard got Mitch on the phone – and played a clip of Mitch describing April’s discovery of anal beads. April said the story was true: “They’re more pleasurable going in than coming out. Coming out’s a weird feeling…his timing was a little off.”

Howard played another clip of Mitch discussing April’s “crazy” fits of jealousy, but April only took issue with the jealousy: “I am crazy. I have a restraining order for slapping a guy on the shitter and I’ve thrown a pumpkin at a man’s head…but I was not crazy with [Mitch] and I was not jealous. He was jealous. He had a Google alert on my ex-boyfriend.”

Mitch admitted the Google alert story was true, repeating: “You can’t be a comedian without being crazy.”

Mitch Couldn’t Handle April’s Openness

Photo: The Howard Stern Show

April later laughed that Mitch broke things off with her because he couldn’t deal with their open relationship: “I told him I blew an Argentinean and he couldn’t deal with that.”

Howard loved how sexual April was, and she told him she’d be no different if they were together: “Anal beads all the time. All-anal bead Saturday.”

April explained: “I have daddy issues…he beat the funny into me.”