Ozzy Talks About the Time He Watched Tommy Lee Get a Hummer

Former Black Sabbath legend describes Motley Crue frontman's penis as "a baby's arm with a boxing glove at the end"

Howard went over the stories in Ozzy's book, including the time he had a conversation with Tommy Lee backstage – while a groupie was sucking Tommy off.

Ozzy laughed: "He's got like a baby's arm with a boxing glove at the end of it...he's talking to me as if he's like [not sure what Ozzy said here]...I'm looking down there, like, 'What?' He should have a license for that." Ozzy said the Motley Crue guys were crazy: "It was 'The Wild Bunch.' They had no rules or anything...she [the groupie servicing Tommy] didn't seem to mind. She wasn't exactly putting up a fight...it was 'Caligula' on the road."

Ozzy went on to confirm several other stories in the book, including his inability to get erections, which he blamed anti-depressant medication, his exaggerated songwriting abilities ("I've never actually written a song...if there was a leader of Black Sabbath, it was Tommy [Iommi].

He's the one who wrote the riffs.") and time he turned down the opportunity to hang out with The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson: "I'd heard of the Beach Boys. I didn't know their names."