Is Bobo Smarter Than Sal?

Sparked by a caller's speculation, Sal came in to submit to an intelligence test, declaring that he had to be smarter than Bobo, a frequent caller and super-fan of the show: "He's dumber than a pile of bullshit. He thinks a tadpole turns into a butterfly. And if he's smarter than me, I'll just kill myself live on the air."

Howard asked a couple preliminary questions, like: where is Mexico?

Sal's answer: "It's where Mexican people live. It's below Texas."

Asked who fought in World War II, Sal shrugged ("Soldiers?") and later guessed: "Italy, Germany, France and America."

Eric the Midget's Head to Explode Everywhere

Eric the Midget, however, refused to submit to the same IQ test: "I'm not doing it. I don't trust you people."

Gary said that was too bad, as he had a carrot of sorts: "Something for [Eric] to do that he would've loved."

Eric took the bait: "What is it?"

Gary refused to say until Eric took the test--Ralph later called in to speculate that Eric could reprise his 'Fringe' role, like Richard 'John Munch' Belzer, on other networks: "I'd like to see his head explode on other shows."

Howard agreed: "Would you go on New Year's Rockin' Eve--and at midnight, your head explodes?"