Jay Thomas Has a Shocking Confession

Actor tells show he once talked masturbation with a priest

Jay Thomas stopped by to catch up with the crew and told them about first trip to confession -- he confused the priest by using his family's euphemism for penis when listing sins he hoped to be forgiven: "I talk back to my mother and I touch my tee-tee."

When the baffled priest had him repeat himself several times over, Jay found himself shouting: "I touch my tee-tee! And it was echoing through the whole church."

Jay said he rarely had good confession experiences. Once, after a 10-year absence, another priest demanded to know how many women he'd slept with since his last confession and also asked: "Have you been with a man?"

His Awkward Kevin Bacon Moment

Howard played a clip of Jay's awkward interview with Kevin Bacon, laughing that Jay could never make up for asking a few off-limits questions about the money Kevin lost to Bernie Madoff: "You couldn't recover!" Jay said the interview had gotten off to rough start to begin with, as he'd also made the mistake of referring to one of Kevin's gay roles as 'pretending' to be gay: "You can't say that to an actor...[and] remember that I had used the term 'buttf---' earlier."

A Disdain for Reailty

Jay said he'd recently been approached to star in a reality show about a real estate agent who was also a 'failed actor': "I'd rather be a complete loser and never work again." Jay said his career had been one long effort to provide a reality show-free existence for himself and his children: "If one of your daughters gets knocked up, is she going to be on '16 & Pregnant'?"