More Fun Off the Mic

Jay told Howard that the first incarnation of his radio show was more fun off the air, as the empty station was rife with opportunity: "So I start--you know, while the news was on--banging the girl who did the [commercials]...I would get her on that desk and bang her on that desk while the news was on."

Even though it was a small market, Jay looked back on the gig fondly: "I would get a little head and then go back into the studio."

Howard was envious: "In a way, The Jay Thomas Show was funnier off the air."

His Children Are Way More Interesting

Before he left, Jay told the crew about his sons, starting with the eldest, a successful songwriter: "He just wrote what we think is going to be the second single on the new Kenny Chesney record."

The middle one is some kind of warrior: "He's becoming a successful gunsmith. He's a mountain lion tracker...he told me that mountain lion tastes like pork chops." The youngest--and arguably, smartest--is a scientist: "[He] doesn't really talk to me and doesn't really find me all that interesting."