Evaluating Gary's Letterman Appearance

Howard started off the show demanding that Robin grade Gary's appearance on Letterman last night. So Robin gave him a B, in part because he botched the 'Baba Booey' origin story: "He said Baba Looey!"

Howard couldn't believe Gary botched the story: "The book is called 'They Call Me Baba Booey,' and that idiot doesn't understand why."

Gary shrugged: "The whole thing was overwhelming...I thought I did pretty good."

Gary said he finally understood why Howard always complained about all the hangers-on who fill up the Letterman greenroom: "I [couldn't] even get in my dressing room."

Robin thought Gary looked nervous: "He wouldn't sit back. He was sitting at the edge of that chair."

Wolfie called in to agree, noting that Gary licked his lips 10 times. Robin laughed: "There were definitely a couple profile shots where his teeth really shine."

Gary's 'Super Gay' Dream Come True

Gary later confessed that he did something 'super gay' after his interview: "Dave shook my hand and I just looked at him. I said, 'Thank you. This is a dream come true.' It really was. For me to be on that show, it was like a dream come true. I started watching that show when I was in the 11th grade when it was [on in the] daytime and I never imagined I'd be on it."