Scott DePace Gets Lost in Circles

Howard again cited Jon Hein as 'The Great White Hope' who could beat Scott DePace's 122 IQ score, and Robin agreed, saying Scott could barely hold a conversation with her yesterday.

Scott replied via intercom: "You were talking in circles. My eyes are glossing over as you're talking. Let's just say I didn't agree with your--with what you were saying. She just kept saying the same thing over and over."

Howard also took issue with Scott for disparaging Gary's book on yesterday's Wrap-Up Show, but Scott said he was just being impartial: "I haven't read the goddamn thing. It could be a piece of this point, I don't understand any of you...we all have to worship you five."

Howard thought the final comment was revealing: "Yes, we are elevated but your resentment to that and [with you] sitting there day in and day out and watching's a telling thing [to say] 'we have to worship the five of you.'"