Tracy Morgan Is a Tender Guy

Tracy Morgan stopped by to promote his new HBO special, 'Black & Blue,' and told the crew about his affinity for passionate sex: "You call it tender dick. When a female gets your emotions in it. Once they get you to say 'I love you'? Oh! You got tender dick, son."

Tracy said his large brood was proof: "I'm gonna get you pregnant and I'm old school. I don't be pulling out. When I come in, I come in. Three fingers past the knuckle."

Howard asked about Tracy's most recent appearance on Letterman, saying he thought Dave was a little condescending--but Tracy disagreed: "No, I don't think Dave is like that towards me. Because when the camera's off, that's my dude. I lead him down that road. On camera he's my man too. I don't think he's condescending to me. I think I'm playing it like that. You can look at it one of two ways."

Tracy's Future Wife Is Pregnant

Tracy revealed that his girlfriend Tanisha was 4 months pregnant, but their relationship was still a little rocky: "That's a lot for her...the spotlight is not for everybody [but] she's still around me, man. She's still with me." Tracy said reports about his alleged infidelity made things especially difficult: "When you f' with Tracy Morgan, there's a lot of rumors out there." What's more, Tracy doesn't want to stray: "I'm chillin'! I surrender!" Howard wondered if Tracy was really committed to Tanisha if he couldn't even remember where she went to college, but Tracy thought he'd more than proved his commitment--with his wallet: "I paid for the shit. I put her through college. I got the teeth fixed and everything." Tracy said he planned to marry her: "It was beauty that killed the f'ing beast…but nobody else better not call her beast. I'm beautiful like a motherf'er."

'Your Ass Was Made Right Here'

Tracy told Howard about his father's time in Vietnam: "My father went AWOL twice. The first time my brother was conceived. The second time I was conceived. My father showed them. He went AWOL and got some pussy." Years later, Tracy's father took him on a long walk in East New York: "He took me to this school--underneath the bleachers--and he said, 'Your ass was made right here. On the spot. Alright? Doggystyle. Her ass was facing this way' father was real. My father went into detail."