Harry Wilson for NY Comptroller

Harry Wilson, a candidate for New York State's Comptroller, called in to confirm a report Howard had been given by his father: "Your father was right. I was actually the first state-wide challenger in 34 years to be endorsed by all 3 New York City papers."

Harry promised to exercise the full power of his position: "I'm going to go through literally every single dollar of spending the state does. We did that at GM, which is about the same size as New York, by the way--we came up with about $10 billion in cost savings."

Howard went over Harry's resume--a Harvard MBA, former Treasury advisor to President Obama, a 1500+ SAT score--and offered his endorsement: "I'm kind of excited now about what you might be up to."

Harry hoped the rest of New York felt the same way, as a vote for the incumbent would lead to more overspending: "I'll be really disappointed for the state...this is a unique opportunity to really make a difference."