Ozzy Osbourne Shopped for Pills

Ozzy Osbourne stopped by to promote his new album,'Scream,' and Howard kicked things off by asking if he'd ever wear--like Wendy Williams--a wig. Ozzy laughed: "F' no. I'd look ridiculous."

Howard wondered if Ozzy missed alcohol, but Ozzy just shrugged: "To be honest with you? No...I got fed up with it. And not only did I get [fed up] but everybody else [did] too."

Ozzy said his substance abuse got so wild, he began taking "a pill for this side effect and then a pill for that side effect...I used to go shopping with a shopping cart 'round the pharmacy."

As for heroin: "I never got into that stuff. Well, I did it, but you know, it made me throw up. I hate throwing up. So I stopped."

Zak Wylde & 'American Idol'

Asked why he'd parted ways with guitarist Zak Wylde, Ozzy shrugged: "I didn't get rid of him. He had his own band and he was only helping me out...I said to him, 'It's time for you to do your Black Label [Society]."

Ozzy bemoaned the business side of music: "It's more like a job now than it ever was...people only want one track off the album...the art of the game is gone. It's all tricks and mirrors."

Howard then asked if Ozzy could be become a part of American Idol's tricks and mirrors machine, but Ozzy dismissed the idea: "I couldn't do that...the fact that they get up there in the first place and have a go--my heart goes out to them."