The Prince of Darkness Is a Grandpa

Howard noted that Ozzy was now a grandfather--Ozzy laughed: "What can I do about it. Grandpa Ozzy, of course. F'ing hell."

Ozzy's also softened in other ways: he's befriended--and sometimes stays with--Elton John: "He's got properties all over the place."

Howard was surprised: "At his home he doesn't dress like a duck or anything like that?"

Ozzy laughed: "No, I do!

Ozzy's Secrets

Ozzy said much of his life these days was managed by Tony, his personal assistant of the last 30 years: "He knows more about me than I do."

Ozzy listed Tony's duties as fetching gum, checking him into hotel rooms, getting him to his flights and ordering food. Robin wondered how far it went: "Does he have to get you money? [Do] you have a bank card?"

Ozzy laughed: "Yeah but I have to hide it from Sharon."

Howard asked if Sharon's role as his manager was ever difficult for him, and Ozzy nodded: "Sometimes it is. I'll be like, 'Is she talking to me as a wife or a manager? After Ozzy advocated the death penalty for Mark David Chapman ("I'll f'ing shoot the asshole."), the crew listened to 'How,' a John Lennon cover song Ozzy recorded--at Yoko Ono's request--for Amnesty International. Howard begged Ozzy to reveal the secret behind his seemingly ageless voice, so Ozzy let him in on a studio secret: "I double-track. I sing it and then I sing another one on top of that."