Robin's Marathon Conspiracy

Early in the show, Howard noted that theories were flying about Robin's NY Marathon run. The prevalent theory--similar to the one that plagued Katie Holmes' run--is that Robin didn't finish or run the entire race, as the tracking device attached to her shoe never registered an official time.

Robin bristled: "I went over those last two sensors the way everyone else in the race did. Now why would I know there are two [sensors] at the finish line if I wasn't there?"

Howard said Gange and 5 others had been standing at the finish line and never saw Robin cross, so Robin said she had a witness: "A New York Roadrunners official saw me at the end of the race and gave me a hug. Do you want to talk to that person?"

Howard jokingly asked: "Did you go to the same place Katie Holmes went? A hotel where you went to sleep? Were you on a subway at some point?"

Robin repeated that Howard should talk with Richard, the New York Roadrunners official in question: "I don't have a Metrocard."

A Mystery Love Match

Howard asked Robin what she was wearing tomorrow: "Tomorrow I'm bringing that guy in I want to set you up with."

Robin said she wasn't sure: "I'm going to have to think about that." Howard thought Robin should wear a minidress instead of the 'winged' dress she wore on 'The View': "Don't wear that. It will scare a guy."

Howard also said Robin shouldn't stress: "I'm probably wrong. See, I think he's an attractive guy, this guy. And he's got a job...I didn't say, 'I'm introducing you to Robin.' He doesn't even know."