KC Armstrong Admits to Grinding with a Transvestite

The former Stern Show staffer opens up more about his time with a man

K.C. Armstrong called in to say he had confirmed with his tricky tranny, and she/he had agreed to come on the show: "It's going to be like re-living a rape."

K.C. said he wanted to add one more detail to the story--one he hadn't told Howard before: the tranny gave K.C. a massage after his (anti-climatic) handjob and laid on his back, rubbing and grinding into him.

K.C. said he only recently put it all together: "I figured out what she was trying to do. She was dry-humping me...but I didn't feel anything."

K.C. later added yet another detail--he cried when the tranny dropped him off at the airport: "I was very sad and I had a couple tears. It had nothing to do with her."

Howard laughed: "Were you crying because a man just f'ed you?"

After K.C. hung up, Robin speculated that K.C. would soon get 'tricked' into much worse: "Before he ever comes down here, he's going to accidentally have anal sex."