Highlights From the Tarantino Roast

Howard started the show saying he'd attended the Friar's Club Roast of Quentin Tarantino yesterday and nearly fell asleep: "It's fun. My wife likes it. It just goes on too long."

Howard blamed the non-comic roasters: "I can't stand sitting through people."

Howard said he enjoyed Whitney Cummings's set ("She's such a talent. And so good-looking. She's a package.") and cited Rob Schneider as the best roaster.

Robin agreed: "He was brilliant...Rob's worked from beginning to end."

Howard said he left early while Samuel L. Jackson called out from the dais: "Howard! Stop! Jerry [Lewis] is coming. He wants you to wait!"

Howard was glad he left--the papers all reported that Jerry's set was a long, rambling speech: "Apparently, Jerry seemed to think he was being honored instead of Quentin Tarantino."

Before moving on, Howard also commended Eli Roth's set: "He was good. He had some edgy material."