K.C. to Plead Guilty

K.C. Armstrong called in to say he was planning to face the charges against him in Alaska: "I'm gonna have to plead guilty, I believe. Criminal mischief...I think they're giving me a deal."

The deal will likely put K.C. on probation for a year: "But it's not like I'm going to go back to Alaska. Jesus Christ."

An APB on K.C.'s Tricky Trannie

Howard said he wanted to meet K.C.'s tricky trannie and see what he/she thought of K.C.'s sexual preference: "I think there is some homosexuality issue there."

Will came in to say he'd spoken with the trannie--he/she will only talk with Howard if K.C. personally asks him/her to: "That's what he said it would take."

Robin laughed: "So he just wants to hear from K.C.?"

Will nodded: "Exactly."

K.C. said he hadn't parted ways with the trannie on the best terms--after he/she revealed his/her secret in a letter, K.C. fumed: "I wrote back and said, 'Dude, listen, don't do this to another guy. 'Cause another guy is going to beat the shit out of you."

K.C. also defended his mistake: "She had curves!"

Fred-as-the-trannie retorted: "I am curvy. My cock looks like a Coke bottle."

K.C. later promised to make the call: "For you, Howard. I love you. I'll go through the pain and anguish and disappointment of doing it."