Langford Investigates Will Murray

December 6, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Howard welcomed Steve Langford to the studio and asked Will to join them: “There are several sources who say you cheated on the IQ test.”

Steve said several sources were telling him so: “Did you get some of the questions or part of the test ahead of time?”

Will said he’d simply researched the test’s format: “I said to myself, is there any way I can, like, practice for it [or] figure out what the format of the test is?”

Will said the preparation was simple: “If you Google the test name, the whole test format will come up.”

Of the samples Will saw, he only gleaned the test’s format: ” of the answers were on there…I never saw the actual questions.”

But he did know a few answers: “I did get a couple of answers from people who work here in the back office and were yapping about it after the first round of tests.

The Truth Is Somewhere

Steve remained vigilant: “The truth is somewhere and we’re looking for it. Our sources claim that you had assistance from a professor.”

Will threw his hands up: “Can we just say my IQ is 90 and get it over with?”

Steve continued: “One of our sources…calls it cheating.”

Howard thought a cheater would have done much better than Will’s score of 130: “If you cheated, you should’ve gotten a 180.”

Will insisted he didn’t do anything wrong–it’d be too hard: “Let’s say they gave me all the answers. This is a two-hour test. With thousands of questions on it. The fact that I could memorize the test…”

George was impressed with Steve’s rigorous line of questioning: “I feel like I’m sitting in on the McCarthy hearings.”

Howard said he believed Will’s story: “Will’s test scores stand.”