Bubba the Love Sponge's Florida Empire

Gary told Howard about the insanely-large studio Bubba the Love Sponge was building in Tampa: "He's got a shower next to the stage--if girls want to get naked and take a shower. And it also doubles as a money-blower."

After Bubba showed him around, Gary walked outside and saw a man-made pond--and a giant mound of sand: "They dug a hole for a beach...so there's going to be beach outside."

Gary quoted Bubba about the studio's discount laborers: "Some Mexicans owed me a favor so I got that for like a third of the money."

Gary also told Howard about Bubba's private plane which he explained was "just rented" for a lot of money.

Gary went on to describe the giant strip club he visited in Miami: "Tootsies. It's a Costco, Howard. It used to be a Costco."

Howard hoped Bubba was saving as much as he was spending: "Is he banking any money?"