Howard's Father, Ben Stern, Helped Close the SiriusXM Deal

King of All Media admits that his father's theory on sticking with 'a good thing' weighed heavy on his decision to stay at SiriusXM

Howard's dad called in to discuss Howard's new contract, so Howard said Ben would benefit directly: "Dad, I'm making enough money now that I can buy you hair."

Ben thanked Howard's staff: "Congratulations to the whole crew there."

Howard said Ben actually had a lot do with the new contract: "My dad's of the theory that if you have something good going, you keep it going till it ends...I kept hearing his voice in my head whenever I considered not working."

Howard also credited his psychiatrist's influence on his decision to continue broadcasting: "He convinced me I enjoy it! I don't know how he did that...I think he's right. I hope he's right! I've got five more years of this."