Pete the Asian (Former) Virgin

Pete the Asian Virgin (who we originally met during the World's Saddest Virgin contest) stopped by to tell the crew he was no longer a virgin: "No more!"

Pete said he was 24 now and knew what a pussy was: "Pussy is a – girl has it."

Howard drew a picture of a girl and demanded that Pete point to where the pussy would be, and Pete surprised everyone by being able to point it out correctly.

Pete said he learned from his new "hot" girlfriend: "I know her for a while."

Howard remained skeptical, asking Pete to describe sex. Pete struggled: "Pussy and dick. You put the dick in pussy."

Pete said losing his virginity – he first came when they were just naked and kissing – and then they hit the bed: "I just pushed."

Pete went on to say they banged for 2 hours – without protection – in no less than 5 positions. Howard asked what they were, so Pete explained they'd done missionary, then doggie-style, then missionary, then doggie and then back to missionary: "Five positions."