Attacking Obesity, Not 'Precious'

Howard read a couple reports about his 'controversial' comments on Gabourey 'Precious' Sidibe's weight from yesterday's show, leading Robin to defend his argument: "Sherri Shepherd was never as big as [her]. Mo'Nique--never as big as [her]. They've both developed diabetes."

Howard thought everyone was kidding themselves: "They're going overboard in rooting for her because she's this big [heavy] woman...everyone wants to pretend that this woman isn't in deep crisis."

Robin said Howard was brave--even noble--to point out a trap Hollywood sets for itself again and again: "Back to Nell Carter, who used to say, 'I love being fat!' and then got sick and died."

Howard said taxpayers ultimately took the burden: "We're all paying for these medical monstrosities."

Robin agreed: "We aren't attacking her because she is fat. We are attacking her obesity, which is a disease."