Howard (Finally) Gets to Respond

Howard is disappointed in the media's reaction to his Gabourey Sidibe comments.

Howard said he was disappointed with the media's handling of his comments on 'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe's weight: "I'm sad that this has become fodder for debate instead of a wake-up call for this girl."

Howard continued: "This isn't about me. I'm commenting on has nothing to do with her per se. Her problem is she's not gonna live a long healthy life. She's gonna miss out on a's not worth it."

The media's spin also had a negative effect on Howard's anxiety levels, as the show was 'dark' and he couldn't answer every accusation the next morning. Eventually he had to see a doctor to have an EKG: "I thought I was having a heart attack."

Beth thought his 'heart attack' was just bottled anger, and Howard agreed: "I go, 'Yes! And I've got nobody to talk to!' People need to be straightened out. They're ganging up on me."

Sword Fighting Karen Johnson

Howard later added that he hoped Gabby's handlers would level with her: "Your health is everything. Waking up in that body can't be fun."

After hearing a clip of Whoopi Goldberg attacking his comments on 'The View,' Howard laughed that she clearly didn't understand what he'd said: "Hollywood doesn't hire fat people...we should have a sword-fight, Whoopi. Pull down your pants!"

Howard referenced the time Whoopi claimed Roman Polanski wasn't guilty of 'rape-rape' as an example of her credibility. Howard added that he would now only call Whoopi by her real name, Karen Johnson: "I'm not buying into that...Whoopi badmouthing me because I happen to notice that women aren't hired in Hollywood because they're obese...they can't get work in Hollywood. Not because Howard Stern says it. Look at the movies."