Carol Leifer on Lesbianism and 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Comedian says the movie "Bound" turned her gay

Carol Leifer stopped by to promote her new book, 'When You Lie About Your Age, The Terrorists Win!' and Howard introduced her as having "the biggest boobs in comedy."

Carol Leifer Is No Apprentice

Carol said she was embarrassed to be this season's first 'Celebrity Apprentice' castoff: "I was a fan of the show. I would watch it and think, 'I could be really good at this.' I have a lot of skills."

Carol blamed fellow cast member Holly Robinson Peete (calling her this season's Omarosa) and the 'uncreative' first task of running a diner for her downfall.

But She Makes a Damned Good Lesbian

Carol told the crew she turned gay after seeing the movie 'Bound': "I said, 'I have to have sex with a woman immediately...[it] consumed me."

The affair that followed turned out to last much longer than she had anticipated: "I thought it would be my lesbian fling. I didn't think I would fall madly in love with her and pussy...pussy's pretty good. I see what all the rage is about."

Howard asked after Carol's relationship with Ellen Degeneres, as Carol had created the sitcom that made Ellen a household name, and Carol complained that Ellen won't have her on her new show to promote her book--or return her email. Carol also told the crew she loved porn: straight, gay, interracial--whatever: "I like something new and fresh."

She's not even sure what exactly she likes about it: "That's what I love about porn. I don't know!"

Given this revelation, Gary brought Carol a stack of interracial and lesbian porn DVD's that seem to pile up around the office. Howard later revealed that Gary had also instructed Carol to email him when she needed more.