On the 'Dancing With the Stars' Premiere

Howard discusses last night's episode

Howard Talks 'Dancing With the Stars' Premiere

Howard said he enjoyed last night's 'Dancing With the Stars' premiere but wondered how many of the male cast members were gay: "I do know people in my personal life who are completely gay but have no knowledge of it."

Howard fast-forwarded through several contestants, including Neicy Nash and Buzz Aldrin--though he did think Buzz would make a great interview: "I just wanna know how much tail astronauts get."

Howard said Beth was quite taken with Chad Ochocinco: "She was like, 'Wow, he's a good looking guy.'"

Howard admitted he was threatened by Chad's physical appearance, but was able to enjoy former '90210' star Shannon Doherty's nutty performance: "She's aged. And she's on the brink of tears at any minute."

Howard also had a prediction: "Pam Anderson's gonna have a nip-slip, like on purpose, while she's dancing."

We All Watch for the Babes

Fred was impressed by Pam's high-kicks: "Now I know why guys wanna f' her. She's limber."

Robin called Fred out: "You didn't know why before?"

Fred was less impressed with Kathy Ireland: "She looks like the country Ireland now."

Howard added two final assessments: Nicole Scherzinger - "Extraordinarily beautiful," and Erin Andrews - "She's a little clutzy. Very tall. Nice body...she's hotter in that video through the peephole."