Ben Stern Will Not Be Taken Advantage of on a Bus

Howard's father recalls the time he caught someone trying to lift his wallet off his during his daily commute

Photo: iStock

In reference to a few stories Howard had tried to recall earlier, Ben Stern called in to tell the crew about the time he fought with a pickpocket: "I was taking a bus across town on 57th street." Ben said, "it's a 3-man scam. There's one guy in the back of the bus...and two other guys were outside the bus hitting the window and so forth."

When the bus came to a halt, a passenger shoved him forward--and Ben felt something more than a push. Ben knew what was up: "I grabbed this guy around and I started to frisk him. He looked like a regular guy with a suit and so forth and so on. And then I looked down on the floor. There's the wallet."

Ben snapped his wallet from the floor and left immediately: "I walked out backwards so the guy didn't attack me." Ben then addressed the listeners: "Never keep your wallet in your back pocket."