Ben Stern Was in a Knife Fight

Howard's dad shares stories of his earliest shenanigans

March 24, 2010

Ben Stern went on to say the first fight he’d ever been in was a knife fight: “We were street kids. I lived in the street. So I got in a fight with this guy and he took out a pen knife. And to defend myself I kicked him in the arm where he was–where he was holding the knife.”

Ben said he went on to beat a guy at Temple: “We got into some kind of discussion or something and he decided that, you know, he was going to take me on and I punched him once or twice and that was the end of it.”

Ben also told the crew about getting tipsy at an office party and taking the train home next to some guy who asked him if he was Jewish or Irish. Ben said he began to prepare for fisticuffs: “I started to put my gloves on my hand. The next thing I knew I was on the floor of the Long Island Railroad and this guy is pummeling me.”

When Ben arrived home bloodied, bruised and button-less, Ray was too into her Mahjong game to hear the story: “Please, I’m busy now!”

Ben promised to call with more fight stories soon: “If I get anything more exciting.”