Ben Stiller on Comedy, the Oscars, and His New Movie 'Greenberg'

Actor-comedian joins the Stern Show to talk all things film

Ben Stiller stopped by to promote his new movie "Greenberg" and Howard immediately asked why he was making a 'small' film. Ben explained: "It's not about the money at all. It's about trying to make a good movie...this kind of movie is never gonna be--it's not gonna get released on that many screens."

Robin asked if it was his bid for an Oscar, so Ben joked: "That's what the 'Night at the Museum' movies were."

Howard commended Ben for being a successful comedic actor who didn't try and go 'serious' all the time.

Ben said he loved to be funny, but now he just had more freedom: "It just becomes a choice you make in the get to a point where you want to do what's interesting to you. You don't wanna keep doing the same thing."

Robin asked what happened to the 'Avatar'-spoofing bit he and 'Borat' star Sasha Baron Cohen had planned for the Oscars, so Ben explained: "Sasha didn't do'd have to ask him [why]. I honestly don't know what the process was with him...I know that the producers didn't kill it."

Howard read Ben a tabloid story claiming that he was a "terror" and exhibited "vain, obsessive behavior" on the set of 'Meet the Parents,' so Ben joked: "Is it weird to have a full-length mirror by the camera when you shoot?"

Ben added that movie sets were a weird workspace where you're doing very private work in a public sphere: "It's sort of a vulnerable place."

Ben told the crew he'd recently visited Uganda on a humanitarian aid mission, leading Howard to joke about Robin's 'fact-finding' mission to Guatemala.

Ben laughed: "We found some real good facts there, yeah. I saw a cow being slaughtered."

Howard complained about the rising popularity of 3D films, and Ben agreed, adding films shot with digital cameras to the list: "I'm against it...I just like regular movies shot on film."

Before Ben left, a caller asked why 'Zoolander' was banned in Malaysia, so Ben explained they weren't happy with one character--a brainwashed Malaysian Prime Minister: "They did not like that in Malaysia. So the movie was banned there. I don't think it made a difference."

Ben also revealed that he was considering making a sequel to 'Zoolander,' prompting Howard to ask for a role if he does make it: "I don't want to play myself though, no cameo role, I want to play a villain."