Barbara Walters Wonders If Her Specials Format Is Outdated

Broadcast icon also discusses her sex life, "The View," and Sherri Shepherd

March 4, 2010
Photo: The Howard Stern Show

Barbara Walter stopped by to promote her final Oscar Night Special, saying she still plans to do her annual ’10 Most Fascinating People’ specials since “it’s not just movie stars.”

Howard wondered if Barbara was upset with Oprah for stealing her format, but Barbara denied it: “She doesn’t do the same show. She has stars interviewing stars. She doesn’t do the interviews herself.”

Barbara said the proliferation of entertainment talk shows have outdated her special: “They’re everywhere…why should we have to sit down with Barbara Walters and discuss the most personal aspects of our life or our career when we can come on [a] show [and say] ‘Hello. Here’s my movie. Goodbye’?”

Sherri Shepherd Has to Study Up

Barbara refused to discuss her ‘The View’ co-hosts salaries (“It’s so vulgar to discuss money.”) but hinted that Whoopi made more than Sherri Shephard: “Well maybe.”

Howard didn’t think Sherri was all that intelligent given that she didn’t seem to know the Earth was round, so Barbara offered a diplomatic comment: “Sherri is so dear and so funny…more than anyone else on that program she has learned and studied.”

On Her Sex Life

Howard tried to investigate Barbara’s sex life, and she stonewalled him on all fronts, including her relationship with Frank Langella (“Frank is very smart and funny and nice and we became friends…next thing I know, we’re in The National Enquirer and he’s living in my apartment.”), whether she uses lube (“I wouldn’t even think of discussing this with you.”) and her affair with former Sen. Edward Brooke: “He was, at the time, pretty much separated from his wife.”