Howard's Bahamas Adventure

Howard told a story about going to Paradise Island in the Bahamas shortly after his divorce.

Howard said he went with his buddies Ross, Richie, Pat and Ralph--but felt like he was on display at the resort: "You go there and there's like ten million tourists."

Howard wanted to leave immediately, so the guy who runs the place put him in the VIP area: "Once he stuck me in the celebrity area I was happy."

After Howard was moved to the private island, a fellow guest offered to host Howard's party on his yacht: "So I said to [an intermediary], 'Do I have to talk to the guy?'"

Howard said he and the boys took the yacht out and had a blast, enjoying the yachts amenities (including both an on-board chef and bartender) and playing Beck's 'Odelay' over the yacht's killer sound system: "It sounded so good."