Tila Tequila Talks Early Sexual Experiences, Ex-Boyfriends, and More

Singer and TV personality is tiny but mighty

Tila Tequila Is Tiny but Mighty

Tila Tequila stopped by to promote her new single, 'I Love the DJ' (A follow-up to her first single, 'I Like to F---.') and Howard immediately marveled at her sheer dress.

Tila divulged: "I did this just for you guys. Special. And I haven't even slept yet."

Before Howard could get a word in, she continued: "I call myself Hurricane Tila. I'm ready to release the poison."

Howard thought her dress said it all: "It's completely see-through. You can see your thong and bra through it."

Tila said she packed a lot into her 4'11" frame: "Tiny but mighty."

Hurricane Tequila Started Young

Tila said she was sexual from a young age, having her first orgasm at 5 years old and her first lesbian experience at 8: "We would go into this closet and just touch each other down there...we kept touching our vaginas and rubbing on each other."

Later, she started waitressing at a strip club when she was only 17: "I used my sister's ID."

Tila said she's since perfected her trade: "I'm the type of girl that, um, I can f' you and make love to you at the same time. That's what makes it really explosive and addicting and that's why people fall in love [with me] really fast...I'm naturally very sexy. In bed, especially...you want me to show you with a blow-up doll?"

Tila's Bedroom Voice

Tila began trying out her soft-voiced seduction technique on Howard, who responded quickly: "I'm getting a bit of a boner! I do like that."

Howard wondered if Tila'd ever tossed a man's salad, but she balked: "No sir. No thank you. For women, that's fine."

Tila said she was more willing to push her boundaries with women: "I will make you cum but I will make you feel like you are a queen."

The Tequila Train Derails

Tila then told the crew about the non-sexual side to her troubled youth: "I went to jail twice, I had 6 near-death experiences...I fought a guy, ok? I went to juvenile for 6 months and he went for 3."

Howard asked if she knew karate, but Tila denied it: "I don't need to know karate. I will slit your motherf'ing throat with my iciness."

Juvie didn't come between her education at Houston Community College though: "I actually went to college."

Tila's Next Top Blog

Tila told the crew about her problems (and confrontations?) with gossip blogger Perez Hilton, but Howard couldn't catch a thread: "Seems like a lot of nonsense."

Tila dismissed Perez's blog ("He doesn't even blog anymore. His sister blogs."), saying she planned to start her own gossip empire: "It's a legitimate celebrity gossip blog. I've got people who used to work at E! Online and TMZ and...I am the O-M-G of all media. L-O-L-O-L." [Ed: She did spell out 'oh-em-gee' and 'el-oh-el-oh-el.']

On Shawne Merriman and Casey Johnson

Howard asked after Tila's very litigious break-up with San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman, but Tila begged off: "I don't want to talk about him. We're not allowed to. No. We settled."

Tila was much more forthcoming about the recent death of her fiancée, cosmetics heir Casey Johnson: "She did have a lot of prescription medication. I didn't know what they were...we'd get in really bad fights about that."

Tila continued to mourn Casey ("When I first met her, she was really a train wreck. I'm not going to lie."), saying the Johnson family had left her behind: "The reason she was out of control was because she didn't have a foundation of love and I provided that."

After Casey's death, Tila nearly honored her dying wish--by going to a sperm bank for in-vitro fertilization: "I was still going through Post-Traumatic Stress."