Ashley Dupre's Vagina: 'Stick It Here' With an Arrow

When Lisa G came in with the morning's Howard100 News headlines, Howard had HowardTV bring up Ashley Dupre's Playboy pictorial on the in-studio monitors and zoom in on her 'perfect' vagina: "Look, Lisa! No lips!"

Fred didn't think it was so perfect: "That looks like a coin slot to me. No. You've got to have a little something there to let you know that you're female."

Howard was baffled by Fred's argument: "What are you talking about? That's a perfect vagina. It's nice and neat and clean."

Lisa sided with Fred: "I think it looks like, uh, I want to say child-like."

Howard then tried deciphering the Latin script Ashley had tattooed above her vagina, but Robin made him stop: "The only thing that should be written there is 'Stick It Here' with like an arrow."