Howard Stern Predicted Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey's Split

King of All Media proves once again to be a fortune teller

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy in 2007Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy in 2007Photo: PRPhotos

Howard started off the show bragging that, as he had predicted a year ago, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have broken up: "I knew it would not last and once again I'm correct in my predictions."

Howard wondered if Jim had offered Jenny any hush cash: "Do you think he gave her a bunch of money?"

Robin nodded: "Yes. Absolutely. He doesn't want her out their looking for money by writing books about him."

Robin said Jenny recently told the press that she'd still love Jim if he lost his arms and legs--proof that Jim was the one to sever their relationship: "He had to tell her to go. She wasn't gonna leave under any circumstances."

Later, Howard played a clip from the 4/21/09 show in which he called the break-up--and it proved even more accurate than he remembered: "I say he's dumping her...another year. Tops."