The Gossip Game: April 8, 2010

Howard got Mike Walker from The National Enquirer on the line to play 'The Gossip Game,' in which he reads 4 gossip items--three (allegedly) true, one false--and the crew has to pick the fake.

This week's stories:

1. Demi Moore is annoyed that Ashton Kutcher's picked up golf, as his drives routinely slice out of his private range and hit their home.

2. Ryan Seacrest thought he'd discovered a dead squirrel in his kitchen--until learning it was actually a mound of hair extensions some girl had left behind.

3. Pete Wentz pees off the balcony of his home.

4. Heidi Montag's new implants were causing her to lose sleep, until she discovered the Kush Breast Support.

Howard and Robin went with the Pete Wentz item, David picked the Seacrest story and Fred flagged the 'normal sounding' Heidi Montag item.

Mike then announced that Fred--the 'Gossip Game' master--was right yet again.